Looking for QSL information?

We are sending out eCertificates for our special event station – K4C on August 11 and 12. You can email us at info at kc4rc.com.

Our next special event (K4H) will be for the Battle of Hobkirk’s Hill, aka 2nd Battle of Camden, April 25, 1781.

One or two operators per shift

Friday operator
position 1
Friday logger
position 2
Saturday operator
position 1
Saturday logger
position 2
5-6PM Dave AA4TE open Noon-1PM Brent KO4BGC Bob KQ4GZH
6-7PM Jeremi KO4RUP open 1-2PM Al W4OLC Bob KQ4GZH
7-8PM Al W4OLC open 2-3PM open Al W4OLC
8-9PM Brent KO4BGC Al W4OLC 3-4PM Jack K4VAX using CW
9-10PM Quincy Alston KQ4EVF td> Brent KO4BGC 4-5PM open open
10-11PM open open 5-6PM open open
------- ------- ------- 6-7PM open open
More times on Saturday, before noon or after 7, may be added as needed