It's just Two Bucks!

SC Ham License Plate

Here’s all you need to apply for an Amateur Radio License plate for your vehicle with your CALL SIGN.

  • A $2 check made out to the SC DMV

  • A copy of your FCC Amateur Radio License

  • The official SC DMV form  filled out.


  • Fill out the linked SC DMV form.

    • Select your plate choice – Specialty Personalized
    • Fill in Customer Information boxes.
    • Include VIN, Make, Model, Year, and present plate number.
    • Sign the Insurance Information to verify that you have insurance.
    • Add name of your insurance company.
    • Certify with signature.
    • Lower Left corner: Check the Amateur Radio Call Letters checkbox and PRINT your call sign.
  • Download and print a copy of your Amateur Radio license from the FCC site.

    • Log in with your FRN. (Don’t have an FRM? Apply here.)
    • Above your name and address, find the link to Download Your Official Authorizations.
    • Under “Filter By Radio Service”, click on your call sign. Then click the ADD button.
    • Click on the DOWNLOAD button (lower right)
  • Make out a check for $2 payable to SC Dept. of Motor Vehicles. (If it is within 3 months of your expiration date, you must pay your vehicle’s personal property tax and renew the plate before submitting the specialized plate application.)

  • Send in the check and two official documents to the address on the SC DMV form.
  • Wait.
    • Expect a receipt in the mail in a few weeks,
    • then wait 3-4 weeks more for the plate to arrive in the mail.
  • Got questions? Visit your local DMV office.